I’m glad to greet you! I am Eva–Anastasia. The website you have found time to visit presents the project - exhibition “Woman – the Deity of Unknown Origin”. The idea of this project was born in July 2005, Moscow.
It must be noted that on the basis of most of the pictures, where the creation of the World is described, there is some kind of a man power – either it is a giant, from who’s body the World came into existence, or the Word, by which commands that everything in the world was created within 7 Biblical days. The woman power is also presented there, but by default, as if feminine deity halves were kept in silence. That is why feminine power exists secretly.
It was tempting to try to express this secret through photography.
The photographers, who have already taken part in the project, embodied its idea on the level of illustration. They broadcast their imaginations of the eternal femininity through the model, paying a tribute to the epatage and paradox. Despite the fact that only one model participates in the project the exhibition is multi-sided. World-known masters of photography – Andrey Chezhin, Gunar Binde, Georgii Kolosov, Mikhail Korolev have partaken in this project.
Our final aim is to create a bright, inconsistent, but not destructive project, which gives strong emotions and deep thoughts by means of photography.
Our main purpose is to provide people all over the world with a product that can help them to forget about contradictions, blown by politics.
“Would you like your beauty to save the world?” – joked one of my friends. Actually, I’d like the world once again would be surprised by its own beauty and variety through me. The solutions are in the inner beauty, which is so widely spilled over the universe…
Photo sessions took place in Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Riga, Yekaterinburg, Anapa, St. Petersburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk and Tashkent. The geography of the project is constantly extended by the cities of the closest and distant countries. For more information - click “exhibition”. In near future we plan to publish a photo album.
Creators of the project will be glad to cooperate with photographers, galleries, mass media, sponsors and those, who would like to purchase the works.
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Other parts on the website will inform you about the project developments.

Warning! This website contains NU - ART images.
I would like to appeal to those people, who are negative toward images of the naked body and to those, who are interested in the worldly understanding of the model, so bravely posing without clothes.
The creator of the project does not have any intention to offend you. We all come to this world without clothes and examine our infantile photos, where everybody is an embodiments of curiosity and naked body without any absurd shame.
At the beginning there was a distortion of the sense and then appeared a strange desire to hide from an all-seeing God, for whom that BODY CONCEALments became the main external sign of the future emptiness in Eden.
My intentions are clear. During the photo sessions, I present my initial body towards clothes as primordial clay for the artists to “sculpt” their beauty. Ave photography!
I reiterate again that most of the works presented on this website are created in the NU-ART genre and don’t have any relationship to erotic photography. It is exactly NU-ART`s ability
to express your thoughts and feelings by means of photography, using naked body like that divine clay where it is necessary, but not erotic photography.

Best regards, your Eva-Anastasia Kedrovskaya – the author of the project, model and producer. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Eva-Anastasia Kedrovskaya