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Woman – the Deity of Unknown Origin

Welcome to my site. Having a long trips to Kiev and throughput Russia I realized that I should conduct a diary and to write where about my most memorable photo shooting. Let’s consider it was illumination. Well, let me start my diary from such old city as Riga. All my events happened before I would restore on the post factum base, maybe…  
25 of September. Train Moscow – Riga. Very careful conductor applying all her efforts to make me feel convenient but not only she, you won’t believe but customs officer were kind so much. My way to Riga was not so nice since I’ve got a serious cold and continuously slept during my trip. Officers were very soft when they tried to wake me up, glanced at my documents and made all their bets in order not to bother me as much as they could do. I enjoyed such attitude from the custom house at both sides of the border.
Riga. Railway station, rose and ARTUR DUBROVSKIY let me introduce him to you. All the time I saw him he didn’t stop talking. He started from political state of affairs in USSR at the beginning of 50’s and finished with complaints about foreign visitors drunken and scoffing around the city. Actually he didn’t stop talking. YANIS KNAKIS – photographer drives me to the ARTURS’ studio where I met with salutations, calls and acquaintances. Nice environment for photo shooting and new acquaintances. We had a voyage through old Riga and Dvina which was pleasantly provided by Dubrovskiy who already became my favorite. Artur is very excited and takes a ticket for small ship sailing towards to common dormitory areas instead of fairy buildings. I guess it is after Freud :) Well, it’s ok.



A photo of Dubrovskiy.

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Photo shooting at KNAKIS’s place. I wear a suit made by Ligita faithful Yanis’s wife from scarlet stripes. We are doing photo shoot in a town near Riga that has features of different epochs, attracts excursions and where Latvian movie is shot. This city serves as a decorative background where I portray myself as a sexy extraterrestrial who’s having however earthly features.


A photo of Ya.

Knakis. Just click the image in order to see his other works.










A meeting with BINDE. At last! Such a wonderful man! However, we are all humans. Going down to his studio placed in the basement. Binde offered me to depict a swindler awaiting her trial. Clasping a plate with prisoner’s number to the naked breast and making a furious look while a master photographing me in profile and full-face.
The final goal is author, bright, discrepant project, though without any destructive points. The project transmitting strong images and deep thoughts by means of photos. The final goal is to offer people from rival cities and countries to forget about negative side, which was brought into people’s life by rather dishonest politicians…  
“Do you want your beauty save a world?”
This paragraph doesn’t belong to the diary but a part of another document from the site. A designer simply put it here by mistake. However we really liked it as the text is pretty fit with the context…



A photo of G. Binde.

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We drive to the ship timber - white moss, sand, ship pineapple. We behave ourselves like hooligans and at the same we are creating. GUNAR warns me politely: “Eva, we can be only friends, no any romantic relationship can’t arise between us (oh my God, do I have a look of woman in love?). Model is just a muse for me. Nevertheless he marries to his favorite muses sometimes. But I play up to him with sad sigh: “Oh, really?” – “But you arrived to Riga not for this, yeah?” – “You really think so? But for what in this case?” Binde is laughing slightly nervously but being flattered…
Sigulda. Golden forest of Latvia. Maple biennale of Anna Pechorina. I’m trying to conduct a master class. Showing slides and dancing sometimes being dressed, sometimes undressed. Introduction with SUTKUS (The God of reportage photography in the flesh, and by the way has a couple of days to answer some questions…)

- ANTANAS, what can people do in order to be shot by you.
- Just to come along the street in lucky time both for him and for you!



Fragment of S. Pavlov’s photo:

Antanas Sutkus in front of audience.










Riga again. And again many cameras around!.. KOLYA SHELUSHENKOV, - Latvian gypsy. Talented, fascinating, sexual. We are making a photo-shooting in Domskoy Cathedral in internal yard closed for tourist excursion. (Domskoy Cathedral is an ancient church built in 1211). Nobody here except us. Signalling system, apples and church rarities.  In the end we’ve got the image of Eva among apples but having understood her sin, so far it’s single image of such kind in the project. There is no garden of paradise, only cathedral wall, apples on the ground and I with bended head covered with my coat. But look at this, no unnecessary stuff but how good it is.



A photo of N. Shelushenkov.

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Interview on MIX FM. Talk-show on the 5th channel. Story in “100 grams of culture”.


GRANTS – “I have an idea but don’t have a model”. Ok, we are leaving to Yurmala where trying to persuade some fishers to be a model. They are definitely are not excited and firmly rejected from Grants’s and his splendid offer to be photographed with naked girl. Latvia is a small country. Who are we? Where we from? That’s unknown… Chasing a cycler with beard smelling of tobacco and in t-shirt with inscription “Sin”. Cycler doesn’t mind at all. Running to the Baltic sea through pines and… Here we go…



A photo of A. Grants.

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In the evening we are driving to the beauty salon where GRANTS had a big gift that is a meeting with Sarmita one of the first Binde’s model and whole Latvian photography. In nine days we had photo shooting in a port. It’s very cold. The port staffs are having a hangover and firmly certain that in this season any naked girls over here can be dreams only…

RALPH VULIS, wow!... Favorite porn… oh, sorry, photograph of young girls of extreme. He offers me to make a psychic (or psychological) picture, namely the portrait of man’s dignity with my face served as background.  In the end we decided to make a modest act (in Latvia act stands for nude photo shooting), that is act in the shopping trolley from supermarket against a background of evening shop-windows. I surrounded by drunken insurers and obviously have a risk to be deported from the country by local vice squad.



A photo of R. Vullis.

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A month stated in my invitation has been passed. But I did nothing. Oh my God, absolutely nothing. It sounds nonsense but it’s possible. For 6 hours photo-club “Riga”, and Ministry of Culture of Latvia where you can come without any prior appointment and ceremonies and can you imagine to get help in fact, obtained my visa prolongation but without required leaving from the country. In Latvia it’s almost impossible to do. So, I have to make something in return… But first of all…

ARMAND GRUNDMANIS. 6:30 a.m. we are going to Pokan, wonderful woods in Latvia. Around 8 a.m. we awaken from wet cold walking and could find a medicinal magical stone which, according to the legend, was given to the people by Earth. A large boulder among the trees. I took off my clothes and was sitting for – photo shooting. We are cold and can’t make it well. Going to two shallow lakes – dead and alive. They are both very picturesque but ARMAND persuaded me to go into dead water (if something goes wrong we can run to live water, since it’s near). A little bit far we see a heap of miraculous stones. But everything is not what we want, however suddenly we see…



A photo of A. Grundmanis.

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This is not a replica and not editing. This is a wood pagan God. This is the way how it’s growing near Riga.

ARNIS KRUMINISH – my Latvian elder brother. Just a spontaneous materialization. We made the acquaintance at the exhibition of Binde’s students. I just took a seat near his work, he came up to me himself with offer to cooperate and then to live in his studio, to help in some routine issues, to prolong visa and make a gesture in return to Riga. I lived, by the way, in a house built in Lutheran style above the apartment of local archbishop. There wasn’t shower in the flat but it was a good shower in the wash-bowl. Arnis were afraid all the time that I would make a deluge especially for archbishop but I was just merely and innocently joking that as I live one floor higher than head of local church I’m closer to the God than he.



A photo of A. Krumihish.

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And at last EIJENIA FREIMANE and my gesture in return. Riga is a fantastic city in fact. As for me I had a marvelous photo-travel. In every fairy-tale it should be 2 or 3 bad and sympathetic fairies. Eijenia is a sympathetic fairy. I’ll repeat again that from October, 24 photo-club of Riga in her person made almost impossible – prolonged my visa. And helped me to make my gesture in return. During the entire project history that is more than a year and a half I could conduct my first-ever exhibition. A rather modest only 52 works and mainly works of Latvian masters, but how great it is. When I saw my printed photos I realized indeed, all what I’ve done is not in vain. Although to be frankly sometimes I had some silly thoughts. Eijenia is the one who made the portrait of my SPIRIT of many faces and combined woman’s and man’s features.



A photo of E. Freimane.

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ROMA DRIC and VALYA DONEYKO – Riga. First visit, last days.


A photo of V. Doneyko.

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A photo of R. Dric.

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Sincerely yours
Eva-Anastasia Kedrovskaya