Eva's master-class
Eva's master-class

In the autumn 2006 during the trip to Lithuania simultaneously with photosessions 2 master-classes took place: the first master-class was organized for the students of Andres Grannts, another one - in Siguld at the «Klenovyi biennale» of Anna Pechorina.

At the first master-class Eva was talking about the project and then answered the questions about the photosessions in Russia and Ukraine.

During the second one, Eva was talking about the creation of the pictures from the project and answered many professional questions. Master-class was finished with practical training, where Eva was moving to the music very professionally and everybody could took pictures.


Today you also have a unique opportunity to invite Eva-Anastasia to your town. You can discuss the conditions and terms of the master-class realization by writing to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

During master-classes the model can’t be shot nude. Master-classes are paid.


My master-class took place at the «School of women’s arts»(Minsk) on the 3d of February 2007. It differed from the others by the fact that there were young ladies(not professional photographers), who were far away from the photography. The audience felt interest mostly in my inner world and the path I passed by having photo-sessions with different photographers. At the very beginning I had no any idea of what the meeting would happen to be. That fact made me more interested in participation! We started with some kind of creative meeting, where I was talking about my traveling, my work with photographers and the history of pictures creation. Many questions were asked, among them there were personal as well. Responding them I found the opportunity to make out what was going on with me at that time.

Than discussion glided to the workshop. I became a virtual photographer and gave the ladies a task to create a composition on the topic «Music». What finally turned out - only ladies can tell!As for me – I liked such experience by the opportunity to widen the conception of the «master-class» and now I’m ready for new unexpected offers.

The head of «The school of feminine arts »(Minsk) Natalya:

«This master-class broke many stereotypes about photoart and photomodels. I’m glad that everybody of us felt that the man is beautiful by himself. Pleasant to realize from your answers that hard work and persistence stand behind the romance and loftiness. It was a meeting with the real person, with the woman who has passed some way or a part of it. I think that no matter what people talk about on such meetings, the main thing is the presence of everybody at the same place at the same time, so everybody gets something new from the meeting. Wish you creativity, feminine happiness, love and strength. Thank you very much.»

You can find comments of some participants on the forum: http://www.lejadance.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=165

Nati - lady with wonderful motto: «Women are the angels. But when the wings are broken, they have to fly by the broom»

« I had the point to change something in myself, but when I met Eva, I understood that I just have to be and I’m real, only correct myself during my life to feel comfortable and self-confident and live today, being real woman at the moment. Next moment will give me a chance to show myself and at the present moment I’m suitable to myself. In general, its important to feel yourself. Eva is all in emotions.

Generally speaking about Eva’s project, when you hear about the model, who is having photosessions with many photographers, the thought, that comes to your head is «what a self loving person». But, when you see the pictures, it flies away. The ability to love yourself, to present yourself is given not to everybody and we need to learn it. Not every woman has it, course we are mostly close to criticize our body, not to enrapture. I think the ability to admire, present yourself is very essential, it helps to feel more confident in any situation. Eva submitted that fact…»


« I liked the meeting so much – for me it was like a meeting with a writer, though Eva refused the fact of the photography likeness with the book. More exactly she said: «If you understand what the photography wants to say, it is already not the photography, but the book». As I understood, photography is something elusive, impalpable and has different sense for each person…what I took for myself –It’s Eva’s motto: I love myself and my body and I don’t let something dirty get in». Easy, but hits to the bull’s eye! It caught me».

So, the dialog had taken place. When I asked ladies to create a picture on the abstract topic «Music», the dialog became really fresh and juicy. At first it was not clear what would finally happen, but something unexpected appeared and the third – satellite, fellow-traveler of any real movement. Wish you femininity and every happiness. Ignore or try to fight with everything, what freezes Woman in You.

Yours Eva-Anastasia.